Sunday, 7 April 2013

Stationery Week Celebration Win Yourself A Filofax (6 to win!!) CLOSED

Hey everybody, in celebration of stationery week i will be doing a filofax giveaway with 6 winners!!!!

In order to be entered and having a chance of winning you will have to......

1. Make either a blog post, video,or flickr set of pictures with descriptions of your current filofax setup and the accessories (if any) that you use with it
2. Link it to this post in the comments section including your first name and what size filofaxes you are interested in winning (you can choose as many sizes as you want) this is just to prevent people from winning a size that they cant use.....all entries to be received by 10pm (UK time) Saturday 27th of April
3. Either sign up to follow my blog here or like my facebook page

On Sunday the 28th April at 8pm (UK time) i will announce the six winners who will all receive a brand new filofax.


I have purchased the 6 filofaxes already and will be giving photo clues on my blog everyday from the 22nd-28th of April, there will also be a bonus stationery prize for someone who misses out the top 6 but i feel still deserves a prize.

Winners will be chosen on the effort and thought put into their entry, there will be no judging on wonky camera angles, spelling mistakes or anything like that..... I just want to see your passion for all things filofax.

Also to be in for more chances for winning something during stationery week check out Imysworld for updates on her upcoming competitions, there will be ONE FOR EVERY DAY DURING STATIONERY WEEK!!


  1. Hey Christa ;D
    I've posted a video of my set-up! I'll tag your blog so people can see your beautiful pictures and layout! :)

    My name's Angela Dominguez
    and here is the video

    I will like you on Facebook right away!

  2. I'm Aude and I have 2 Filofax, 2 metropl personal.
    I use personal metropol in orange! You can see my pics, post and my video on my blog:

    You can see my pics also on Flickr:

    If I win, I shall like having the personal size.



    My current Filofax Setup Blog Post. I have liked your blog on here. I would be interested in A5 Filofax.


    I like A5 and personal. Thank you.


    My current setup
    I am interested in personal or pocket size thank you

  6. Hey, i'm Adam. I've made a video on the setup of my personal Domino Snake.
    There is also a video on my channel of the things I use with my filofax to help decorate and organise :-)

    I'm interested in mini, pocket, personal and A5. I've only ever used personal so trying something new could be nice :-)

  7. Hi it's Jennifer from MyPurpleyLife. I've done a video entry here: I am interested in the Personal and Compact sizes. Thank you for doing this! =)

  8. Hi, I don't have a blog but here is a link to the flickr photo stream of my filofax. If I should be lucky enough to win one of the giveaways, I'm interested in the A5 or personal sizes. Can't wait to read more of your blog. Thanks so much.

  9. Hi,
    I'm Marie-Lise, aka jaj, a french girly lawyer, who use personal sized Filofax and love stationnary.
    I prefer not doing a video with my poor english, but I really would like to share the detailled set-up of my professional Filofax in pictures and explanations on how it works great for me.
    It's here :

  10. Hi Christa
    Here is my entry
    I am interested in pocket or personal size and I have like your facebook page and this blog

  11. Thank you for having this give-away!! I'm Janis, nice to meet you. I'm brand new to Filofax and just made a video of my set-up: My very first Filfax, a personal-size Finsbury in Raspberry.

    The personal size is perfect for me! (I also Liked your FB page and followed your site)

    Have a great week!

  12. Hi Christa,
    Here is my entry (youtube video) for the contest. Thank you so much for giving away these awesome prizes! I only own a personal size so really any size would be great but I prefer personal.
    Thanks again!

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  14. Hi and thank you! I'm Helen, and since I don't have a blog, my set-up is here:

    I hope it's okay that at the moment it's rather a work in progress!

    I think at the moment pocket size or personal size is favourite, but I love A5s for so many reasons, so anything would be wonderful :)

    1. Just added in the last of my pics, hope that's okay! Otherwise just ignore them, but I thought someone might be interested anyway. Thanks,



    That's my YouTube video of my current setup. I also liked your FB page.

    Personal and A5 are my preferences.

    Thanks for hosting this super fun contest!


  16. Hi Christa, Thnx for doing this fun give away! This is my first video showing my first 2 planners. I have since bought & I am using the personal Holborn. My dream is the personal Malden in purple!! I've been sick for almost a week so I haven't been able to do a second video showing my new "filo friend"! Hopefully in a couple days I'll have my voice back!!

  17. hi Christa! my name is Monnique and I wanted to say thanks for doing this giveaway and to give you the link to my video entry. I dream is expanding my Filofax fam with another malden in any color other than Black. I already have a black one. Personal size works best for me now, but I swear I could use an A5 malden for...something! :)

    thank you again!!!

  18. Christa! Thanks for the opportunity to win! I'm Lynda and my YouTube video is Would love either an A5 or Personal, A5 being my first choice. Thanks again!

  19. Dear Christa,
    This is FISH fish fish, and here is how I setup my A5 Chameleon Spring Green.

    Thank you so much for doing this giveaway and open internationally. If I can be one of the lucky winner, I will prefer a Personal or an A5. Thank you again!

  20. Dear christa,
    This is how to i set up my flofax but is not helping me bexause is to small planner to use as a mother i wish i coild win the A5. And will thaks for doingthis giveaway. This is were you could see my filofax.

  21. Thanks everyone for the entries, this is an amazing response i have had from you guys. Clues to what filofaxes can be won will start going up everyday from monday.xxxx

  22. Hi Christa!

    My name is Carie and I'm interested in either a personal size or an A5

    here's my video :)

  23. Hi there, Christa. Here's the link to my blog post:

    I'm interested in Compact, Personal, and Pocket-sized Filofaxes.


  24. Hi I'm katie and would love to win a personal size or an A5 filofax. so i have liked your facebook page and hope that i have been signed up to win so since i have no idea if i am doing this correctly i am just covering all bases. Uhhh I hope :0)
    wish me luck as i have none. the link to my current set up is here:

    I want to say thank you for this awesome chance to win a Filofax. kept me going since i heard about it. now off to really wanting to win it. ty

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  26. Hi Christer, My name is Sarah, thank you for this competition. This is the link for my video.
    I'm not bothered what Filofax I could win, any size is fine by me although the best size would be personal!


  27. Hi! I'm Sahrish and I would love to win an A5 Filofax since I am big on making printing my own inserts but even a Personal Size would work!
    Below is a link to my new blog! in which the first post is my planner tour! My planner is a Day-Timer, because that was the best I could find at the price range I wanted.
    Thank you for the chance at winning a filofax because that would be amazing since they are so expensive to afford on a college student's budget!!
    And thank you for motivating me to create a blog!

  28. Hello, you made me write a blog again ;) Thank you for that! ;)
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway! Filofax sizes I'd like is A5 and Personal (including compact and slimline).
    Here's my blogpost with my setup:


    1. Aaaand I forgot to include my name ;) Hello, my name is Irmina, but I prefer to be called "Inka" (it's a shorten version of Irmina). Nice to meet you! ;)

  29. Hi Christa!
    I made a video as an entry

    Thank you for these generous prises!
    I'd like to own A5 Filofax.
    Thank you!

    1. I have changed my reply a little - I deleted my previous reply from April 16 and put this here.

  30. Hi Christa,
    Thanks for doing this competition!

    I'm Judith (also know as Jotje) and I've posted my video about my Filofax setup on Youtube:

    I'm using one Personal Filofax as every-day-planning-tool, and several A5 Filofaxes for designated purposes/projects. So I would be interested in both personal and A5.

  31. Ciao ,Monia,Italia :) ,personal love size :) sorry google translate :)

  32. Hi Christa! It's Crystal from Circus Life with Disturbed Mamacita blogspot. I've filmed a video entry for the contest. I use all three sizes of Filofax but mostly personal and pocket. Here's the video link:

  33. Hey Christa!This is Chrissie from Hamburg,and here is my video :o))
    I love the Personal+A5 size ;o)
    Kind regards!

  34. Hi Christa :)
    This is my video entry for this competition :D

    I love personal and pocket size. but I won't get upset if I got and A5 eather LOL

    Thank you for making this competition, it's fun and also very informative to see the setup of the other people and what they use in their Filofaxes or planners :P


  35. Hi Christa! Here is my video entry! :)

    I love a5 & personal but ANY size or style would be awesome. Metropol and Osterley are faves, but I have yet to meet a FF that I didnt love. :) Thank you for taking the time to do this contest, you are so generous and awesome! :D


  36. Hi Christa,

    Video entry:

    I would like an A5 as i have never owned one and have a use in mind for it. Although I love all Filofaxes.
    I follow your blog and FB page.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

    Shelley V. W.

  37. Hi, my name is Gemma,

    My post is at

    A personal or A5 would be fantastic, I've followed your blog via google.

    Thank you for the competition, I found it good fun to see the entries myself and see how everyone else had theirs set up.

    Thanks again.


  38. Hi! I know I cutting it close (by like 5 minutes!) so I understand if this doesn't qualify, but I've had issues with my computer!

    My flickr Set is here:

    Personal or A5 are my preferences.

    Thanks for the competition!!