Thursday, 11 April 2013

Modes4u Haul #1

As some of you may know from facebook i have started my no personal spend for 2 months goal at the start of April as recently i have spent WAY too much. At the end of March I placed...ahem 2 orders from modes4u within a couple of days of each other not to mention a whole load of other stuff from etsy/ebay/ikea/filofax.

But i have received the first order now and thought i would share, as you can see i am obsessed with rilakkuma ever since some of us went to artbox after the last philofaxy meet up in London. This is what came!!! BEWARE PICTURE HEAVY POST

 The Rilakkuma pads all have stickers in the front of them, all pads have 4/5 different designs. I purchased between 2 and 4 of each.

 Rilakkuma letter sets x3


 Front and backs of envelopes (5 of each)


 Writing pads 10 sheets each (just a bit smaller than A5)

 The size of the all the writing pads are slightly different even though the envelopes are all the same size

My Melody and Heart Deco Tape


Here's a 10% code that you can use if i have enabled you into spending money at modes4u


I will be posting my 2nd modes4u haul as soon as it gets here as well as my other stationery hauls shortly.


  1. Those are all sooo cute!!

  2. great haul! i got a package this morning from modes4u with a bunch of cute rilakkuma stuff, i can alread tell he is the start of a dangerous addiction :D i got that free tape too ^-^

  3. They're really cute! Did you have to pay extra customs charges to get them, if you don't mind my asking?

  4. Thanks everyone for your comments im going to be putting up the next haul today hopefully. Shadow Wolf i didnt pay customs on either parcel and they were both £54 worth in each so i didnt have to pay postage

  5. Thank you for telling me - how tempting! So many cute things :)