Thursday, 1 November 2012

Review Of The A5 Filofax Family Organizer Pack

This is a review of the Filofax A5 Family Organizer Pack, this is currently only available on the Filofax USA website, but thanks to Tracy (Crazy Suburban Mom) & Crystal (Circus Life with Disturbed Mamacita) i was able to get my hands on some of these packs. They dont have all the pages to look at on the website so i thought i would do a review of all the pages in this set so people can see what is actually in this pack as the contents differ very much from what the website says.

This is what the pack looks like

The diary section is a week on 2 pages column format, it has a column for each day of the week including Saturday & Sunday, then it has rows underneath with My Plans being the first 3 ( which are divided into morning, midday & evening ) Then 4 rows for different family members plans. Underneath this is a final row for meal planning which i wish was a little bigger so you could fit all 3 meals of the day without it being so squishy. Then right at the bottom is a blank space for memories where i guess you can put whatever else you want.

Then there are the inserts, this comes with loads of inserts that dwarf the amount of pages in the diary section.

Firstly i will start with Parent Information Sheets (2) 
These have spaces for all your important information such as name, address, drivers license no, business address, telephone. Please see photo for full details.

Family Information Sheets (10)
Basically the same as Parent Information with some changes

Pet Information Sheets (10)
These have spaces for pet name, vet, groomer, animal hospital etc. Please see picture for more details.

 S.O.S Sheets (10)
These have parts for local police, local hospitals, local pharmacies, friends, family

 Home Sweet Home Sheets (2)
This has space for all the companies you may need to call, power, water, garbage, car repair etc.

Babysitting Information Sheets (25)
This has space for where we will be, mom & dads numbers, bedtime rituals, feed them etc.

  Notes Pages (10)
I wish there were more of these, i think i will have to wait to use them for something special

Shopping Lists (30)
These have sections for meat/fish, canned foods, fruit/vegetables, frozen food, drinks, dairy, bread/cakes, clothes, pet food & household.

 It A Chore Sheets (20)
This has columns for chore, who, where & done. Great for keeping the kids on top of their chores

Birthdays & Anniversaries ( 3 yearly sets)
Space for date, name, occasion, gifts, year

Travel Itinerary Sheets (10)
Loads of information to be packed in here including departure info, hotel info, return info, travel agent etc.

School Days Sheets (10)
With space for student, school, teachers, after school programs etc.

Party Time Sheets (10)
This has parts for occasion, guests, menu, drinks, decorations etc. I would say i wish this was spread over 2 sides so it would give more room to write down everything needed for a party but i guess i could always use blank paper with this to make it work.

Solving Dilemmas (10)
This has space at the top for what your dilemma is, plus 21 rows with pro's on one side and con's on the the other

Budget Sheets (10)
This has category of income or expenditure, budget amount, actual amount spent, difference & notes

Address Sheets (24)
This has all the normal address stuff on them

The Sports Page Sheets (10)
This has 3 columns for 3 family members, with rows for many different things including family member, sport, team name, coach, practice days etc.

Then we have To Do Sheets (10)

It also comes with a-z dividers in white which im not going to photograph as i guess you already know what they look like.

I love this pack, i think it is so useful and will make up a big part of my home binder filofax setup for next year.

But this is what the Filofax website say comes with the pack can you see the difference? There are up to triple of some of the pages in this filofax pack and I personally feel like filofax dont actually want to sell this product much like their hidden time management inserts.

What do you think?????????

Full contents:

Week on Two Pages
Family Diary July
Subject Indices 6 Part x1
Personal Information x1
Family Member Information x3
Babysitting Information x10
Student - School Days x3
Party Time x5
Home Sweet Home x1
Pet Information x3
The Sports & Clubs Page x5
Budget Sheet x5
S.O.S. x2
Travel Itinerary x5
Solving Dilemmas x5
Birthdays and Anniversaries x6
Meal Planner x5
It's a Chore x5
Shopping List x15
Addresses x10
To Do Sheets x5
Ruled Notepaper Sheets x5