Tuesday, 28 May 2013

My First 'My Week' Post: Week 21

I have finally decided to start paperlovestory's my week posts, hopefully this is the start of me really keeping up with my blogging and i hope i will not miss any weeks....but here it is, this my personal 'me' filofax it is an A5 pink classic filofax, this filofax is dedicated to my memories, things that make me happy, things i need to do just for me. I also have a household binder filofax as well for regular to do's cleaning etc but i dont pretty it up like this one (at the moment) with washi tape stamps and stickers.

Things that happened this week:
  • My sister came down from Ipswich to see me for the bank holiday weekend
  • We went to a chinese buffet (mmmmm)and went shopping (which is very rare for me with 2 kids now)
  • My son went to paradise park & cameback and told me all about it
  • I got some nice packages in the mail
  • I made a super cute divider for my penpal section that has a pocket for letters to reply to